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"Nat! The (Electronics and Control Module) prototype board you have built and tested- clearly proves our concept. The LNA, all Filters, and Pre- and Post- Amps- all are doing a great job! You have got excellent overall frequency response, very close to the theoretical; your designs are correct! We have successfully separated the 10 mV signal from the noise and brought it to the 5-V level!!"
Manager, Communications and Radar Group, MPB Technologies

"I thought the Electronics for the Color Image Scanner will take minimum six months. Dr. Nat! You have done it in three months!! For the same input signal from the large Machine (Scanner), the Video Board you have designed and developed- outputs the same signal as the large Machine. The Controller Board you have developed- controls the stepper motor, exactly at the same speed as in the large Machine. Congratulations! You have done both!! Let us move-on and put these prototype boards in PCBs."
Founder and President, Arrow Systems      
"For the five tap Filter, you have got 7 dB more attenuation! For the fifteen tap Filter, you have got 23 dB more attenuation! I am looking at the plots; still I couldn't believe these!! Dr. Nat, How did you achieve these results for the same Filter order?"
Senior Scientist, Ph.D., V-Tel

"When the video camera has been zoomed on to vertical letters on a poster and the signal goes through your circuits, there is no "Crawling Effect". Also, the picture is very bright and clean. Dr. Nat, you have achieved this with simple passive filters and few video amplifiers! Now, we don't have to buy more than 1,000 $cameras from the Japanese manufacturer for our customers!! You have analyzed the front-end analog and digital boards, and their BOMs. Your recommendations for cost reduction of approximately $500 / Board are excellent! You have saved a lot of money to the company!!"
Manager, Video Development Group, V-Tel

"The Reference Design Manual you have written for our ADSL Chip-sets is detailed, educational, and easy to read with lot of illustrations. You have a done a very good job! It is not only a Manual for our Customers, but also a Manual to train our Sales and Marketing Teams and new Engineers. They can easily make all the necessary slides from this Manual for various presentations. I haven't seen such a document that can serve multiple purposes. Congratulations!"
Vice President, Sales and Marketing, STMicroelectronics

"You are very good in organizing events (meetings, picnics, etc.)", "You are friendly and easy to work with", "You are a great team player", "You are a good trainer" "You are very knowledgeable in lot of areas", "You know even the latest developments; How you are able to keep-up with the technology?", "How do you remember all the fundamentals?", "Thank you for finding the problem", "Thanks for explaining; now, I understand", "Thank you for showing me, how", "Thanks a lot for all your help", "Thank you for volunteering", "You have found replacements even for the very obsolete parts", "You are an asset to any company", "Companies must be very lucky to have you".
Technicians, Engineers, ... , Directors, Several Departments, Various Companies

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