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ECE Consulting Services (ECECS) is your recognized leader for solving industrial problems and trusted help partner for your business to increase profits. We serve a wide variety of Electrical and Computer Engineering- (ECE) and other- companies. ECECS offers many consulting services to companies under the following four major categories.

I. Engineering Services
II. Marketing Services
III. Management Services
IV. Other Services

I. Engineering Services

Engineering Services cover both, the Hardware and the Software. In Hardware, Board-, Subsystem-, and System- Level products and services are considered. In Software, Applications Software and Firmware are considered. Hardware service is for existing- as well as new- products of companies. For the existing products, services are provided to solve problems, to improve features, to redesign using new technology, to increase reliability, or to reduce the cost. For the new products, services are provided in all six phases of product development cycle, from concept to production. They are: 1) Specifications, 2) Analysis, 3) Design, 4) Development, 5) Testing, and 6) Manufacturing,

II. Marketing Services

Marketing Services include all collateral materials and other aspects of marketing (e.g. Web-site & Market Research). Collateral materials help is for Data-sheets, Brochures, Short-form Catalogs, and Manuals (Hardware, Software, Test, Operations, User, etc.). Web-site help involves Analysis, Improvements, Modifications, Design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Market Research can be carried out to improve products, to increase sales, or for effective marketing. Additionally, strategies are offered for four P's of Marketing: 1) Product, 2) Pricing, 3) Placement, and 4) Promotion.

III. Management Services

Management Services cover Product-, Project-, & Business- Management. Product Management is for current- and future- products. Services are offered based on Total Product Concept, Product's Life-cycle, and Product Road-map. Project Management service enables customers to complete any project on-time and within budget, effectively utilizing their material resources and people. Business Management service addresses Business- Analysis, Development, and Strategic Planning.

IV. Other Services

Other Services include Research and Development (R&D), Special Reports (e.g. White Papers, App. Notes, & Proposals), Training (e.g. Technical, Sales, & Quality), and Outsourcing. Dr. Nat and his team of engineers, consultants, etc. have worked in several areas of the above four major services. They provide their best service and meet or exceed the requirements of the customers.


ECECS is unique in the following ways.

  • ECECS offers four major groups of consulting services: I. Engineering-, II. Marketing-, III. Management-, and IV. Other- Services. Many small and mid-size consulting companies do not offer services in all the four major groups. Also, they do not offer services in all the six phases of product development cycle. In Engineering, ECECS provides services in all the six phases- from concept to production.
  • Services are offered in many areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) that are suitable to many companies and modern complex products (click "Industries" tab). Companies do not have to hire several consultants who are experts only in a single area or couple of areas. ECECS has multi-talented engineers who are experts in several areas. Hiring them to your consulting-need results in huge cost saving and reduces the cycle-time of products.
  • Start-ups and many Small- and Medium- Enterprises (SMEs) do not have money for training or R&D. Large consulting companies serve only large corporations on big projects. Even Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) hire several technical experts to solve very challenging multidisciplinary problems. Multi-talented ECECS will address most of the needs of all types of companies (click "Industries" tab).
  • With over 20 years of Engineering- and Project Management- Service experience, clients' innovative concepts are transformed into great products- ready for manufacturing on schedule and on budget (click "Clients & Projects" tab).
  • Our clients' hardware projects- from specifications to prototype will be done in-house. Only for testing, clients' lab. will be used. Projects' results-documents, drawings, software, etc. will be transmitted electronically to the clients. We communicate well using various types of communication (Phone, E-mail, Fax, Videoconferencing, etc.) and care about customer satisfaction.

Click "Contact ECECS" tab to discuss your consulting needs and projects. Contact us to learn more or if you need additional information on our services. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. You can even contact your nearest ECECS representative.
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