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Personal Profile

Dr. Nat's Personal Profile Summary

Dr. Natarajan Nagamuthu (Dr. Nat) has over 35 years of combined academic and business experience. He has studied and worked over 15 years in several universities mainly in Teaching and Research capacities. He has worked over 20 years in the Electronics, Telecommunications, and Electrical industries primarily in Engineering, Marketing, and Management capacities.

Dr. Nat's Early Years and Developments

He was born in Tamil Nadu (TN) State (one of the southern States), India and grew-up in a small town near Coimbatore. This is the second largest city in the State. It is well known for universities, electric- motors & pumps, machine tools, wet-grinders, auto-parts, textile mills, and agriculture. Now, it is also well known for Information Technology- (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing- (BPO) industries. When he was in High School, he was very interested in Science and Math. He used to try out some science experiments at home and enjoyed playing with magnets, batteries, small light bulbs, and small motors. He constructed an electric calling-bell using simple things from home. His family moved to Coimbatore for his university education. Then, Electronics became his passion and hobby. During his final year undergraduate program, he and two other colleagues designed and developed a Frequency Modulation (FM) System as a university project. At that time, he also built two power supplies, an audio amplifier, and a stereo system for his home.

Dr. Nat's Academic Achievements

* Bachelor of Engineering with Honors (B.E. Honors) degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Madras, Chennai (formerly, Madras), TN, India in 1979 [through P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore, TN (affiliated with Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore, TN)].
* Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada in 1982.

* Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada in 1989.

Dr. Nat's University Experience

Since the western countries are advanced in Technology, he aspired to do his higher studies abroad. He planned two years in advance of his undergraduate degree, wrote the necessary exams, and applied to some universities in Canada and USA. His years of hard work and efforts paid off! He, not only got admission in Univ. of Windsor, but also Assistantship based on his high scores, top ranks, and extracurricular activities. He worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Dept. of ECE and Research Assistant in the Signals and Systems Laboratory for two years. His research was on Two- Dimensional Digital Filters (2-D IIR) and he had specialized in Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing (MDSP). Though Univ. of Windsor is small, it is famous for MDSP research, and is one of the top five Canadian universities in this area.

Nat decided to do the Doctoral Program and joined Concordia Univ., which is a larger and more famous university, and first ranking in his area of specialization. There also, he worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Dept. of ECE and Research Assistant in the Centre for Communications and Signal Processing for several years. He did further research on Two- and Higher- Dimensional Digital Filters (2-D FIR & IIR). After completing his Doctoral Program, Dr. Nat worked as a Research Engineer in the same Centre for one more year. Then, he joined Morehead State University, Morehead, KY, USA as an Assistant Professor and taught Electrical Engineering and Technology courses. His university experience mainly includes teaching, research, lab- demonstration and creation, new course development, and proposal writing.

Dr. Nat’s teaching interests include teaching Electrical- (Power), Electronics-, Communication-, and Computer- Engineering courses to both the undergraduate- and graduate- students. His research interests include Design of Multidimensional Digital Filters, Applications of Digital Filters, Multi-DSP Architectures, Real-time DSP, and Knowledge Based Systems. He has published more than 50 papers in International Conference Proceedings, Journals, and Magazines. Many of his research papers have been quoted by later researchers and served as a basis for their research. He is a member in ACM, EURASIP, and IEEE, and some of their Societies. He is listed in the Who's Who Worldwide.  

Dr. Nat's Industry Experience

Very good knowledge in Communication Engineering combined with practical experience through hobby, project, and industrial training led Nat to his first job in Canada soon after his Master's Program. He worked as a Senior Design Engineer at MPB Technologies in Montreal. A year later, he joined as a Ph.D. graduate student in Concordia Univ. After completing his Doctoral Program, he worked as a Research Engineer in Concordia and then, as Assistant Professor in Morehead State University, Morehead, KY, USA. When the one year term position ended, Dr. Nat went back to the industry. He worked in several companies from start-ups (Arrow Systems & NetSpeed) to large corporations (Motorola & STMicroelectronics). His expert knowledge and practical experience in several areas- particularly, Analog- and Digital- Signal Processing led to subsequent jobs. In every job, he learnt some things new, which had helped him in later jobs.

After working 10 years in USA, Dr. Nat returned to Canada in 1999 and worked in Canadian companies. He has progressed in his career to Manager of Engineering and Project in the last few jobs. His industrial experience spans all phases of Product Development (from idea to finished product), Marketing, and Management.  He has worked in several industries and many areas of ECE: Aerospace (Microwave & RF), Automation, Communications (Wired & Wireless), Electronics / Semiconductor (Analog, Digital, DSP, & SCADA), Multimedia (Digital- Audio, Video, & Data), and Power Systems.

Now, Dr. Nat is the Founder and President of ECE Consulting Services (ECECS). His industrial interests include Modernizing Products, Feature Improvements, Complex Problem Solving, Cost- and Cycle-time- Reduction, and Building New Systems from Concept. He loves to apply his scientific and technical knowledge and skills, to solve practical problems, and help all kinds of industries. He is willing to learn more and to have different experience, and will enjoy the process. He is eligible for PEO, trained for PMP certification, and has Security Clearance at the Enhanced level.

Dr. Nat's Other Achievements

* Secured first rank in High School, within top 50 ranks in the State, and received the top scholarship in India viz., National Merit Scholarship. Awarded Teaching and Research Assistantships from two famous Universities in Canada and supported 100% of graduate education.

* Won several first and second prizes in essay and paper competitions up to the National level. Published more than 50 papers in International Conference Proceedings, Journals, and Magazines.

* Won STMicroelectronics Showcase Award for contributions to success and generating most leads. Organized meetings and presentations in companies and served in various committees.

* As Chairperson organized and conducted Job Support Group meetings. Helped high-tech people through active participation and contributions to various Groups.

* Served in Social Service League (SSL), National Service Scheme (NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), and fund raising events for charities.

* Volunteered in the Hindu Temple of Ottawa; led the prayer meetings and guided in open houses. Collected food items and donated them to the Ottawa Food Bank.

In every company Dr. Nat worked, he had made several technical contributions and helped the society through their products. He and his team of engineers will continue this through his company's services. This is what "Engineering" is all about! Click "Contact ECECS" tab for your consulting requirements.
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