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At ECE Consulting Services (ECECS), we have people who are very talented in several sub-areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); some are multi-talented. Hence, we serve a wide variety of companies in different market segments within the field of ECE. We also serve Other Engineering companies, who deal with ECE products or services. ECECS offers services to the following industries. Some- subareas, classifications, products, standards, etc. are given as typical examples in brackets to illustrate our broad understanding and possible areas of help.

* Aerospace (Antennas, RF- TXs & RXs, Satellites) & Avionics (Cockpit- & Entertainment- Electronics, Communication Equipments, Flight Simulators, Navigational Equipments, Onboard Radars)

* Automation & Robotics (Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Inspection, CAD, CAM, Computer Vision, Industrial Electronics, PLCs, QC, Sensors, DC & AC Speed Control Systems, VFDs)

* Automotive & Mechatronics (Auto-Diagnostic Systems, Auto-Electronics, Auto-Pilots, Batteries, Collision Avoidance Systems, Displays, Entertainment Systems, GPSs, Inverters)

* Biomedical (CAT-, Cardio-, Imaging-, Radiation-, & Ultrasound- Equipments, Sensors, Image Processing Software)

* Bionics (Artificial- Ear & Eye, Prosthetics)

* Biotechnology (Imaging, Automatic- Identification, Counting, Measurement, & Processing)

* Communications (Analog, Digital, Microwave, RF, Satellite, Terrestrial)

* Computer Hardware (AIO-PCs, Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, Solid-State Memories, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Graphic ICs)

* Computer Software (Application, Database, Embedded, Firmware, RTOs, Middleware, Driver Software, High- & Low- Level Software)

* Consumer Electronics (2-D & 3-D Digital Cameras, E-Book Readers, Electronic Toys, MP3- & Media- Players, PDAs, Pocket Camcoders, Smart Phones, Touch-Screens, Voice Recognition Systems)

* Defence (Arial Imaging Devices, EO & IR Sensors, Night Vision Devices, Radars, Robots, Rugged Field Equipments, Satellites, Secure Communication Systems, Surveillance Systems, UAVs, UTVs)

* Electrical (DC, AC, Motors, Generators, Transformers, Transmission, Distribution, Smart- Grids & Meters, Switchgear, Substation Design, UPS)

* Electronics (DC, AC, Analog, Digital, Linear, Nonlinear, Actives, Passives, ASICs, DSP ICs, CPLDs, FPGAs)

* Energy (Fuel Cells, Green Energy, Power Generation, PV Grid, Renewable Energy- Solar, Tidal, & Wind, DC & AC Distribution, Inverters)

* Imaging (Biomedical, Environmental, Radar, Satellite, Seismic, Thermal)

* Instrumentation & Measurement (Accuracy, DC, AC, Analog, Digital, R, L, C, Z, W, Temperature-, Pressure-, & Other- Transducers)

* Media (E-Publishing, Radio- AM, FM, & SW, Digital- & Satellite- Radio, TV, HDTV, 3-D HDTV, Analog- & Digital- (2-D & 3-D) Video-Cameras, Broadcasting, Telecasting, Streaming, VoD, Cable, Fibre, Satellite)

* Multimedia (Digital- Audio, Video, & Data, Compression, MP3, CD, DVD, Blu-ray®, 3-D Blu-ray®)

* Networking (Wired, Wireless, Optical, Telephone, Power-Line, Home, LAN, WAN, Giga-bit Ethernet, ATM, SONET, VoX, XDSL, G.992.X, 3-G, 4-G, 802.11x, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, LTE, WDM, P-OTS, T-X, OC-XXX)

* Oil & Gas (Petroleum, Liquefaction, Industrial Communication Equipments, Process Control Systems, Transducers)

* Optoelectronics (Backbone Fibre Links, Fibre, FTC, Lasers, Networking, Actives, Passives)

* Other Engineering (Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical, Civil, Marine, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Nuclear, Optical, Structural, Transportation)

* Power Systems (LV, MV, HV, HV-DC, Compensation, Control, Grounding, Monitoring, Protection, Switching)

* Security Systems (Alarms, Audio, Video, Biometrics, Forensic, Lighting, Banks, Buildings, Houses, Standby Power)

* Signal Processing (Analog, Digital, Speech, Image, Video, RS-XXX, SCADA, Compression, Filtering, Recognition, 1-D, N-D,  FFTs, Time- & Frequency- Domain Processing, Multi-core Processors, DSP ICs)

* Semiconductor (Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, CMOS, ECL, TTL)

* Telecommunications (Wired, Wireless, Optical, 802.16, GSM, OFDM, WCDMA, RFID, SDR, MW, MMW, RF)

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