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ECECS Summary

ECE Consulting Services (ECECS) offers I. Engineering-, II. Marketing-, III. Management-, and IV. Other- Consulting Services to companies within or related to the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Engineering services cover all phases of product development from concept to production. Marketing services cover all collateral materials and other aspects of marketing. Management services cover Product-, Project-, & Business- Management. Other Services include Research and Development (R&D), Special Reports, Training, and Outsourcing.

Dr. Natarajan Nagamuthu (Dr. Nat) is the Founder and President of ECECS. The About ECECS tab depicts his educational qualifications, and industrial- experience and accomplishments. The Services tab describes the unique strengths of ECECS and how our services of quality solutions will help companies' to solve their problems quickly and increase profits. Dr. Nat is a dynamic, results-oriented, professional leader. His team members (> 15) are also highly qualified and experienced engineers. Many of them have Master's degree and some have Doctoral degree. All of them have over 15 years of industrial experience and specialized in Engineering such as Electrical (Power Systems), Industrial, Mechanical, Production, and Software. We are in touch with a large network of professionals (Consultants, Doctors, Engineers, Physicists, Professors, Scientists, etc.) to seek any additional assistance. ECECS is rendering professional help to a wide range of Industries: Start-ups, Small- and Medium- Enterprises (SMEs), and Multi-national Corporations (MNCs), located in any country. We serve a wide variety of companies in different market segments: from Aerospace to Multimedia and Networking to Telecommunications.

ECECS offers proven Engineering, Marketing, and Management methodologies, multiple Sales and Service Centers, and even on-site engineering services. Whether it is prototype or turnkey product development, or specific assistance on a project, our very qualified engineers are available to help customers successfully bring their products to market quickly. Customers gain greater flexibility and capability in their product development with access to the right combination of our expertise, processes, and suite of tools and equipments. ECECS provides comprehensive Project Management and specialized Engineering Consulting in areas such as Board- (PCB) and System- Level Designs, Analog- and Digital- Signal Processing, Complex Problem Solving, High-speed (Gbps) Electronics Design, Tackling Noise (EMI & EMC) and Signal Integrity Issues, Microwave (GHz) and RF, and Industrial / Mechanical Design. ECECS transforms customers' innovative concepts into practical products on schedule and on budget.

The Clients & Projects and Testimonials tabs illustrate our already delivered Board-, Subsystem-, and System- level improvements, modifications, and new designs from their concept. Recognized as your trusted partner, ECECS is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with clients that are built on integrity, quality, and open communication. The company's main Sales and Service Centre is located near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with additional Centres in India and Kuwait. The details are given below and contact us for your project needs.  

Mission Statement

ECE Consulting Services provides quality solutions to customers' problems in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

We are dedicated to your projects and will complete them on-time and within budget.

We communicate and cooperate well, and make sure at the end that you are satisfied.

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ECE Consulting Services

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General Information: info at
Project Inquiries: sales at

Human Resources: careers at

Sales and Service Centres

ECECS Canada (Headquarters) (North- and South- America & Europe)

Mr. Natarajan Nagamuthu, Ph.D. (E.C.E.) (Canada)
Dr. Nat, Founder and President

Near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 1-613-925-1623

nnagamuthu at

ECECS India (Asia & Australia)

Mr. R. Baskaran, M.E. (Prod.)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu State, India

Mobile: 91-9620214811

rbaskaran at

ECECS Kuwait (Middle East, Russia, & Africa)

Mr. N. Sivamani, B.E. (E.E.E.)

Mobile: 965-666-34-373

nsivamani at
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