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Dr. Nat has over 20 years of hands-on contributions to several companies' bottom line. He not only gained valuable experience, but also understood the unique challenges faced by different industries. He worked in Engineering, Marketing, and Management. Here are some companies and the departments that he worked.

NETSPEED - Hardware Design Group
ARROW SYSTEMS - Hardware Design Group

Small Companies
FILTRAN - Engineering Department
GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS - Engineering Department
MPB TECHNOLOGIES - Communications and Radar Group

Mid-size Company
V-TEL - Video Development Group

Large Multi-national Corporations (MNCs)
STMICROELECTRONICS - Broadband Applications Engineering


Dr. Nat has applied his wide and deep knowledge in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and hardware- and software- experience to solve many industrial problems. He is not only an expert in designing Analog- (Active & Passive) and Digital- (FIR & IIR) Filters (Single- & Multi- Dimensional), but also in applying ECE theories (e.g. Communications, DSP, Electrical, Electronics, & Microwave) to design practical systems. Here are some of his industrial accomplishments.

Microwave and RF
  • Designed and tested the Electronics and Control Module of a special purpose Radar (5.7 GHz). Performed antenna- and signal- calculations and selected the RF components. Familiar with related International Standards (CSA, EIA, FCC, IEEE, ISO 9001, ITU, MIL, SEI, TIA, UL etc.).
System Control and Data (Video) Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Designed and developed a very high resolution (10,000 dpi) Color Image Scanner from concept and successfully transferred the design to production.
  • Proposed improved solutions for 3-D Laser Vision based Range Measurement System. Recommended Frame-grabbers and Multi-DSP Boards for real-time image capture and processing.
Teleconferencing and Multimedia
  • Solved high-speed signal integrity issues in Codec and noise problems in Cameras (NTSC & PAL). Designed and simulated better digital filters for format conversion (NTSC to CIF / QCIF) and improved the picture quality of Video-conferencing Systems. Strong background in video- and audio- compression algorithms, chip-sets, and standards (JPEG, P*64, MPEG-X, H.3XX, & G.7XX), and communication networks (S-56, T-X, & OC-XXX).
Wired- and Wireless- Communications
  • Analyzed modem protocols (VoiceView & DSVD), and implemented and tested reference designs. Developed a high-level architecture for Switched Voice and Data Modem (V.34). Designed digital filters and coded (DSP56002) tone- detection and generation algorithms.
  • Derived specifications, and designed and simulated Splitters. Designed and tested central office (DSLAM) and customer premise subsystems & circuits (CAP & DMT). Developed ADSLx (G.992.X) and G.Lite Modem architectures and wrote reference design documents (Hardware & Test). Learnt about other networking and standards (802.11x, Bluetooth®, etc.).
Instrumentation & Measurement and Power Systems
  • Spearheaded two new projects from start to finish: 1) Automated Range Extender with DC Power Supply & 2) Automated Winding Resistance & Ratio Measurement System. Performed hands-on engineering and management role for the two systems from concept to production, and then to marketing (Data-sheets & Operations Manuals).

These are only some examples. Dr. Nat and his team of qualified engineers can do lot more help in your projects at various industries. Click "Testimonials" or "Contact ECECS" tab.
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