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ECECS Services Summary

ECE Consulting Services (ECECS) offers I. Engineering-, II. Marketing-, III. Management-, and IV. Other- Consulting Services to companies within or related to the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Engineering services cover all phases of product development from concept to production. Marketing services cover all collateral materials and other aspects of marketing. Management services cover Product-, Project- & Business- Management. Other Services include Research and Development (R&D), Special Reports, Training, and Outsourcing.

Dr. Nat's University- and Industrial- Experience

Dr. Natarajan Nagamuthu (Dr. Nat) is the Founder and President of ECECS. He has more than 15 years of university experience and more than 20 years of industrial experience. He has Bachelor's degree (Honors) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India. He has Master's and Doctoral degrees in ECE from Canada. His research expertise is in the area of Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing (MDSP). All the universities he studied are leading, very well known, and rank in the top in his area of specialization. Dr. Nat's industrial experience spans all phases of product development (from idea to finished product), marketing, and management. He has the required breadth and depth of knowledge, and practical expertise to solve many complex problems facing the high-tech industries today!

He has worked in several companies: start-ups (Arrow Systems & NetSpeed), small- (Measurements International), mid-size- (V-Tel), and large- (Motorola & STMicroelectronics) corporations. Starting his industrial career as Senior Engineer, he has progressed to Manager of Engineering and Project in the last few jobs. Click "Personal Profile" tab to know more about Dr. Nat. He has solved many difficult and challenging industrial problems in a short amount of time. His team of experienced engineers (> 15) will do same to clients while consulting.

Dr. Nat's Industrial Contributions and Areas

Dr. Nat's proven accomplishments are designing new systems from concept, high-speed analog, digital, and mixed-signal boards, and improving quality and features of electronic products. He has contributed to all six phases of product development cycle: System- (Hardware and Software / Firmware) 1) Specifications, 2) Analysis, 3) Design, 4) Development, 5) Testing, and 6) Manufacturing. He has created Marketing Materials (Data-sheets, Brochures, Manuals, etc.). He has worked in Management and many areas of ECE: Aerospace (Microwave & RF), Automation, Communications (Wired & Wireless), Electronics / Semiconductor (Analog, Digital, DSP, & SCADA), Multimedia (Digital- Audio, Video, & Data), and Power Systems. ECECS is rendering professional help to a wide range of companies (Click "Industries" tab) [Start-ups, Small- and Medium- Enterprises (SMEs), and Multi-national Corporations (MNCs)] involved in these and other areas.

How Can ECECS Help You?

While working, Dr. Nat has negotiated and instructed subcontractors, vendors, and consultants. He has a track record of coordinating multidisciplinary- projects and teams located in different countries. With his Engineering and Project Management skills, clients' innovative concepts will be transformed into great products- ready for manufacturing on schedule and on budget. Click "Clients & Projects" tab to know more about the companies and successful projects that he had worked. Consulting services are offered at an hourly rate that is mainly based on the complexity of the problem.

Companies can easily offload their peak and time consuming projects to us. ECECS may hire additional man power depending on the project. Whether it is prototype or turnkey product development, or specific assistance on a project, our very qualified engineers are available to help customers successfully bring their products to market quickly. ECECS provides even on-site engineering services for existing product improvement, new product development, and product testing in company labs. Our highly motivated and productive engineers will complement and easily integrate into customer's development team. In addition to Canada, ECECS has Sales and Services Centres in India and Kuwait. In the future, similar centres will be opened in few other countries. We would like to connect with and serve global customers. ECECS will meet or exceed their expectations with good communication, courtesy, and commitment. Click "Contact ECECS" tab.

Why Do You Need Consulting Services?

The purpose of the consulting service is to solve customers' specific problems through advice, expertise, and experience, which are related to that problem. The solutions will result in improvements to organizations, products, or services (e.g. increased efficiency, reduced cost, & innovation). You need professional consulting services for the following reasons:

> Organizations are becoming more efficient and productive by cutting costs. Downsizing, restructuring, consolidating, and outsourcing are happening due to global competition.

> Businesses can not afford to keep employees with different talents on a full-time basis due to changing market conditions. They are specializing in what they do best and contracting out other services.

> Modern products or services are technologically challenging and demand several people with different expertise.

> Small- and mid-size- enterprises have only limited resources. They must be innovative in order to stay in business.

> Consumers are demanding quality products and services at lower prices. They are shopping around and willing to wait, to get them at lower prices.

Do your ECE products or services need improvements or innovation? Do you have only limited resources? Are your competitors are ahead? Are you ready to face the global competition? Does your company want to grow and increase profits? ECECS can help; click "Services" or Contact ECECS" tab.

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